Last week, I was given a challenge by business coach extraordinaire, Erika Lyremark of Daily Whip to create a video  for my Discover Your Spotlight consultations.

My mission was to create this video in the next… 23 hours.

Since my calendar for that day was practically booked, I knew that I had to make the most of that evening — with just a few hours to spare — as the clock was ticking! (Gotta love accountability buddies, right?)

My original plan was to just make a quick, easy and simple video with my web cam or iPhone, since I just needed to get it done… but suddenly something hit me. (Was it my intuition?)

Instead of doing the simple web cam video (which I’ve done before), I decided to challenge myself in doing my own red-carpet video (since this is what I’m helping my clients with, I gotta walk my talk, right?)

Honestly… I was afraid I wasn’t going to make it by the deadline.

I freaked out with the thought of people laughing at me for not completing  my challenge.

My inner critic was telling me that I should just create the video with my web cam and get done with it and to ditch up-levelling this video.

But I pushed my inner critic aside and listened to my gut.So I got my studio set-up as quickly as possible: Softbox lighting–check! Boom mic– check!, Backdrop–check!

I put my make-up on and an outfit that totally made me feel great. I even made sure to wear my high heels, too! (Even though you can’t see it on camera, wearing them helps with your posture AND with your energy/attitude)

My inner critic again kept taunting me:
The lights are too bright!
How are you going to edit this by tonight?
The clock is ticking! You won’t make it!

So I got still for a moment and reminded myself that by living my red-carpet brand with red-carpet videos, I’m empowering my clients and my community to do the same thing.

My creative muse took over and I ended up finishing the video (red-carpet style!) AND the landing page for it:

Discover Your Spotlight

So what does this mean for YOU?

It means that you can do this, too.


Here are my quick tips for creating your own red-carpet videos:

1. Use your best tools.

Your webcam is great for starting out with video, but if you really want to put your best foot forward, upgrading your equipment will be worth the investment.

If the DSLR camera is out of your reach at the moment, I recommend using the iPhone 5/5S, or a compact digital camera that can record videos in HD with at least 720p for it’s resolution. This will help your footage turn out nice and clear :)

2. Use a script.

You don’t need to write every single word – having an outline will help tremendously. If you have a good idea of what you want to say in your video, you can dramatically cut down your recording time by hours! (Yes, hours. I’ve heard stories from others who have spent multiple hours filming one video–eek!)

And before you film your video, make sure you go over your notes.

When I created the video for Discover Your Spotlight, I wrote down 3 paragraphs of what I wanted to say.

Did I say every single word of it? Nope. It’s not necessary.

Distilling your message is what’s most important.

3. Dress to impress.

If you want to FEEL confident and at your best in your videos, wear clothes that will help you do that! Dressing the part does affect the energy you give to the camera, so the last thing you want is to wear clothing that makes you feel just….o-kay, or meh or whatever.

For this video, I decided to wear my heels last minute. And that definitely helped wake me up! (I had already spent most of my day using most of my energy ;)



Make a list of what action steps you’ll take to ‘red-carpet’ your videos and/or your brand.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you come up with. (I’d love to read your list!)


Today I want to share with you a great example of how storytelling can help promote your business, which can then help you increase your visibility.

It’s a video series from my friend Gina DeVee, who is creating and launching something very special – The Academy: International Woman’s Coaching Certification Program.

GinaDV{ You can watch it here }

In these videos, Gina gets vulnerable – she tells us her story.

She reveals her personal journey in how she went from a struggling psychotherapist to living the life she’s dreamed of — growing a 7-figure coaching business, traveling around the world and working with clients internationally…

Why should you use storytelling to promote your business?

Because stories are powerful.

Stories evoke an emotional response from us.

No matter what field you’re in, whether you’re a coach, an entrepreneur, an artist, a consultant or a teacher… you need to be telling your story.

Your story is what differentiates you from everyone else in your industry.

And it’s your story that attract the clients who are the ideal fit for you.

So how can you start infusing stories in promoting your business and increasing your visibility?

Here are a few ways:

: Share your client stories (with their permission of course). Tell a story about their own transformation and how you were there to support them and/or provide your expertise.

: Share your stories of lessons you’ve learned. Think of a time you were stumped/overwhelmed/frustrated/struggling and share how you overcame your obstacles.

: Share someone else’s story. This could be something you read from the newspaper, something you watched on television, or something you read from a book. Just make sure you link it back to the message you’re sharing and keep it relevant for your audience.

Once you’ve got a story in mind, decide how you want to tell your story.

While I’m a big fan of using online video as a tool to help with your visibility, you can also share your stories through the following platforms:
: Your blog
: Social media
: Ebooks
: Teleminars/Webinars
: Interviews
: Radio shows/Web shows


Think of a story you can share with your audience that can help bring them insight, advice and/or expertise.

Now choose a platform to tell your story.

Leave a comment below to let me know what you came up with (I’d love to hear about it!)


We need stories…

So we can help others understand — our pain, our joy, our beliefs, our purpose, our desires, ourselves.

So we can warn others of what’s to come.

So we can share with others what we have already done.

So we can tell others what to expect — a few steps ahead, or further into the future.

So we can give each other hope — for those times we’re challenged with personal obstacles, or when we need to defeat our own demons.

So we can guide those who are lost — and help them find their way.

So we can learn life’s lessons.

So we can discover what love really is.

So we can celebrate.

So we can enjoy life with laughter.

So we can feel more compassion and less judgement.

So we can inspire others into action.

So we can know that we’re never alone.

We need stories because it’s our most powerful way to create a connection.


We need stories because our lives depend on it.


∞ ∞ ∞

How have stories made an impact on your life? What about your business, yourself, or your relationships?

What’s the most memorable (or unforgettable) story you’ve ever come across?


photo credit: ?Phoebe Finds Beauty via photopin cc



Being in the spotlight can be very intimidating and terrifying, especially since you’re not used to having others see you.

It feels uncomfortable.

You start to think about what people might say or think about you, now that you’re visible.

Fear starts to creep in.

You decide to step out of your spotlight.

You tell yourself, People don’t need to see me. I’ll just find a way around this.


Some advantages of not being seen:
- You avoid being uncomfortable
- You avoid facing your fear of being seen
- Stealth mode allows you to do whatever you want and nobody will hold it against you
- You carry on with your life, passively.

Some advantages of being seen:
- You’re seen as a leader, a person to follow, a person to admire, a person to learn from, a person to connect with
- If you’re an entrepreneur, your dream clients will want to work with you
- If you’re an artist/creative, people will want to buy your music/tickets/art/books/movies
- Your audience will grow (those who love you will love telling their friends about you)
- You’ll be in service to more people
- Your message will be heard and will be spread across the world

“If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing.”
–Coco Chanel

You’ll be doing yourself a huge disservice by not stepping into your spotlight.

Sure you’ll remain comfortable with your life by not being seen, but this type of comfort will kill any chance of your growing into your full potential.

Whatever dreams, ambitions, goals and desires you hold in your heart won’t ever get the chance to become a reality.

So if you’re terrified of being seen, here are 3 things I want you keep in mind…

1. It’s not as scary as you think it will be.

A big reason you’re extremely terrified of being seen is probably because you haven’t put yourself in that position before… so you don’t really have an idea of what being in that position would actually feel like.

You’re assuming that it will be terrifying and that you wont like it.

The first time you put yourself out there may feel terrifying and uncomfortable – but that’s because you’re stretching your comfort zone. Next time you do it, it won’t feel the same way as you have already experienced it before.

Each step where you go beyond your comfort zone will be, um, uncomfortable – but that feeling only stays with you in a limited amount of time.

Once you realize that nothing awful happened, you’ll loosen up and get back to feeling at ease.

Inspired Action Tip: Instead of taking a huge step toward your goal, take smaller steps.

For example: if you want to do a video for your website but you’re completely terrified of the camera, don’t jump in and record the video and post it on YouTube this second. Do a “screen test” first where you record a 30 second video to get you used to talking in front of the camera. Or write down bullet points of what you plan to talk about first.

2. You’re not alone

Most of the people you know will have the same fears of visibility as you do.

Inspired Action Tip: Find support and accountability from others who can help you ease into embracing your spotlight.

This can be done in a variety of ways.

+ You can find another individual and become “accountability buddies” where you support and hold each other accountable to becoming more visible.

+ You can join a community or a group (in person or online, for example a Facebook group) that encourages, supports and motivates you to stretch your comfort zone and push through your fears.

+ You can join or create a mastermind group. This would be different from the groups I just mentioned as these may have involve more structure and prerequisites for participation. Some of the key benefits of a mastermind group would be the higher level of accountability and support and access to the shared resources and knowledge from all its members combined.

+ You can take a class on public speaking, improv, theatre or personal development. (These programs can be in person or online)

+ You can work with a mentor. From my experience, this would be my recommendation if you want to save yourself plenty of time from making mistakes. Working with a mentor/coach helped me grow and progress in a shorter amount of time compared to having done it all on my own. Another thing I loved about working with my mentors: they aren’t in your head so they are great at giving you objective feedback – they will call you out on your excuses and they are dedicated to you reaching your goals. Whether it’s working with me or another coach, you’ll be in good hands.

3. You don’t need to be perfect

In fact, you may turn people off with perfection.

In acting class, one of the great lessons I learned was this: People fall in love with one’s flaws, not with their perfection.

Think about it. Think about the people you love in your life – are they perfect? Do they do everything “right”? We are not robots and imperfections are what makes us human.

“We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.” 
–Sam Keen

You may think that you have to present the “perfect” version of yourself, so you try and become a different person.

But I can guarantee you that when you show the real you, people will connect to that a whole lot more than the fabricated you.

And that’s because we connect to genuine and authentic human behavior.

Once you throw away the idea of perfection, your unique quirks and personality will start to shine through in everything you do — this is where confidence and charisma stems from.

Inspired Action Tip: Be yourself.

I know, this tip sounds cliché — but it’s truthfully what it all comes down to.

Make a list of all that you’ve done and all that you can do. Write out who you are. Create your personal manifesto and/or mission statement.

Learn to love and accept every part of yourself.

Aim for imperfection.

Stop trying to be someone else and get comfortable expressing yourself the way you naturally do.

Get rid of the goal of trying to please everyone. Instead, try to be present and valuable for those people you want to reach and connect with (your audience).


And one last thing I’d like to add…

You are worthy of being seen.

xo Bianca





photo credit: donewithittotally via Tumblr