How To Have TONS of Marketing Content That Brings In Your Dream Clients & Subscribers – Without Burning Yourself Out (Hint: It's NOT By Constantly Blogging or Writing Newsletters)

"I’m fully booked with clients that I had to start a waiting list."
"I tripled my mailing list in only a few months."
"I’ve been selling 10 copies of my ebook every month."
"My sales have doubled."

"That was my best product launch to date!"

These are just an example of real-life results from successful entrepreneurs who tapped into the power of email marketing.

Are Your Emails Creating The ROI You Want For Your Business?

What happens after you send your weekly newsletter?
What happens after you've given your free gift to your subscribers?

Do you hear crickets, or do you hear clients knocking on your door?

While it's great to send your newsletters every week, you're missing some golden opportunities that could have made your business thrive.

If you had an email marketing strategy in place (especially an autoresponder) you could have:

  • Sold 12 copies of your e-book from sending ONE email that inspired people to take massive action.
  • Woke up the next morning to find your inbox full of requests to book a discovery call with you.
  • Signed up 5 new students to your e-course – while you were sick in bed for two weeks.

Sending an email about what’s "new and good" to update your subscribers is no longer enough.

Coming up with fresh new content week after week can get exhausting  –especially if you continue giving your best stuff for free and having nobody contact you about your offers.

There’s actually a much better way to help your subscribers solve their problems aaaannd get paid for your expertise.

It involves:
1. A must-have offer/product that your subscribers want and need (this is where you come in); and
2. A smart email marketing strategy paired with compelling copy (this is where I come in)


This is perfect for the Holistic Entrepreneur who:

  • Wishes to attract more more 1-on-1 clients
  • Is launching an e-book or a new product/service
  • Is eager to make more money this year
  • Wants to ramp up their list of subscribers
  • Is looking for an effective way to leverage their expertise


Autoresponders Are Your #1 Advocates

If you're unfamiliar with what an autoresponder is, it's simply a sequence of emails you send out to your subscribers to market your business.

The sequence will vary on how many emails you send and how frequently you send them.

If you want your subscriber to become a customer, client and a raving fan, having an autoresponder will help make this happen sooner rather than later (or even worse: what if it never happens?!)

It's a great way to get your audience to trust you, to be seen as an expert and to start having them crave to work with you... before you even start spelling out your offer.

Autoresponders will save you a lot of time since they send emails on a schedule, and they help you reach more people without burning yourself out. (Think: leverage, baby)

As a holistic entrepreneur, you're here to transform people's lives. 

And the best way that you can deliver your expertise and make an impact is to have a thriving business that fully supports you.

No more of "I'm too busy" or "I'm too exhausted".

Autoresponders can give you more time, money and energy to do what you do best. 


Hi, I'm Bianca. I'm an email copywriter and an actor.

I believe in the power of a good story. 

And I'm here to help you boost your business and your brand through the messages you send to your audience.

As a wellness warrior myself, my mission is to help you earn higher profits by living your purpose and making an impact on others. 



Stop sending emails that hear crickets.
Start sending emails that sell.

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