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3 Quick Tips For Creating Your Own Red-Carpet Videos - Bianca Filoteo
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3 Quick Tips For Creating Your Own Red-Carpet Videos

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Last week, I was given a challenge by business coach extraordinaire, Erika Lyremark of Daily Whip to create a video  for my Discover Your Spotlight consultations.

My mission was to create this video in the next… 23 hours.

Since my calendar for that day was practically booked, I knew that I had to make the most of that evening — with just a few hours to spare — as the clock was ticking! (Gotta love accountability buddies, right?)

My original plan was to just make a quick, easy and simple video with my web cam or iPhone, since I just needed to get it done… but suddenly something hit me. (Was it my intuition?)

Instead of doing the simple web cam video (which I’ve done before), I decided to challenge myself in doing my own red-carpet video (since this is what I’m helping my clients with, I gotta walk my talk, right?)

Honestly… I was afraid I wasn’t going to make it by the deadline.

I freaked out with the thought of people laughing at me for not completing  my challenge.

My inner critic was telling me that I should just create the video with my web cam and get done with it and to ditch up-levelling this video.

But I pushed my inner critic aside and listened to my gut.So I got my studio set-up as quickly as possible: Softbox lighting–check! Boom mic– check!, Backdrop–check!

I put my make-up on and an outfit that totally made me feel great. I even made sure to wear my high heels, too! (Even though you can’t see it on camera, wearing them helps with your posture AND with your energy/attitude)

My inner critic again kept taunting me:
The lights are too bright!
How are you going to edit this by tonight?
The clock is ticking! You won’t make it!

So I got still for a moment and reminded myself that by living my red-carpet brand with red-carpet videos, I’m empowering my clients and my community to do the same thing.

My creative muse took over and I ended up finishing the video (red-carpet style!) AND the landing page for it:

Discover Your Spotlight

So what does this mean for YOU?

It means that you can do this, too.


Here are my quick tips for creating your own red-carpet videos:

1. Use your best tools.

Your webcam is great for starting out with video, but if you really want to put your best foot forward, upgrading your equipment will be worth the investment.

If the DSLR camera is out of your reach at the moment, I recommend using the iPhone 5/5S, or a compact digital camera that can record videos in HD with at least 720p for it’s resolution. This will help your footage turn out nice and clear :)

2. Use a script.

You don’t need to write every single word – having an outline will help tremendously. If you have a good idea of what you want to say in your video, you can dramatically cut down your recording time by hours! (Yes, hours. I’ve heard stories from others who have spent multiple hours filming one video–eek!)

And before you film your video, make sure you go over your notes.

When I created the video for Discover Your Spotlight, I wrote down 3 paragraphs of what I wanted to say.

Did I say every single word of it? Nope. It’s not necessary.

Distilling your message is what’s most important.

3. Dress to impress.

If you want to FEEL confident and at your best in your videos, wear clothes that will help you do that! Dressing the part does affect the energy you give to the camera, so the last thing you want is to wear clothing that makes you feel just….o-kay, or meh or whatever.

For this video, I decided to wear my heels last minute. And that definitely helped wake me up! (I had already spent most of my day using most of my energy ;)



Make a list of what action steps you’ll take to ‘red-carpet’ your videos and/or your brand.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you come up with. (I’d love to read your list!)

  • Sheila

    Excellent advice, Bianca, I have been having the same pull to upgrade my videos and yet I allow my inner critic to convince me that time is of the essence and I need to just put it out there. Thanks for inspiring me to up my game!

  • Christine

    WOW! OK, so from this I got that you don’t have to feel ready, you just have to do it. And that high heels is good for a number of reasons :-) I not doing video (yet?) and very undecided if it is something for me, but at least you inspired me to think about it again. Hmmm

  • Yvette

    This advice Bianca, couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been needing to upgrade my intro videos now for a while and somehow doing so never makes it to the priority to-do. Thanks for the simple tips to make it happen. Which Softbox lighting do you recommended?

  • Pam Pearson

    I love how you keep things simple. It gives me the confidence that I can do this too. Congrats on getting your video done within your deadline. Love the Practice what you Preach!

  • Christie

    So glad you accepted the challenge and put this out in the world Bianca, high heels and all. I do love how much better video looks on the iPhone!

  • Cathy Brown Sykora

    Great video, you were born for it. I hope you do well with your promotion.

  • http://biancafiloteo.com Bianca Filoteo

    Thanks, Christie! I’m glad I did, too ;) I actually shot this video using a DSLR camera (Nikon D7000) but I have no doubt that using the iPhone 5/5S would bring some good video footage as well.

  • http://biancafiloteo.com Bianca Filoteo

    You can do it, Sheila! Make the upgrade in gradual steps if need be. The first step you can take is to research what you’d need to make the upgrade and take it from there.

  • http://biancafiloteo.com Bianca Filoteo

    Christine, I can see you doing video blogs for your travel blog! Even if they’re short ones about your adventures and insights :)

  • http://biancafiloteo.com Bianca Filoteo

    Thanks, Yvette! I found my softbox kit on Ebay. Just do a search on Amazon or B&H Photo Video for “softbox video”. You really want to make sure the lights are “flicker-free” as some are not (ie. photography only lighting sets)

  • http://biancafiloteo.com Bianca Filoteo

    Thanks, Cathy! That means a lot!

  • http://biancafiloteo.com Bianca Filoteo

    Glad this post inspired you, Pam!

  • Jocelyn Gordon

    Thank you for the succinct and practical tips. What stood out to me was this – “… I pushed my inner critic aside and listened to my gut.” I know that a great way to reduce suffering is to not believe everything the “mind” says. As a matter of fact/personal experience, most of the mind content is faulty. Your testimonial reminded me to push pass resistance and to get on with the message. Dancing Forward!

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