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How to use stories to help increase your visibility - Bianca Filoteo
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How to use stories to help increase your visibility

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Today I want to share with you a great example of how storytelling can help promote your business, which can then help you increase your visibility.

It’s a video series from my friend Gina DeVee, who is creating and launching something very special – The Academy: International Woman’s Coaching Certification Program.

GinaDV{ You can watch it here }

In these videos, Gina gets vulnerable – she tells us her story.

She reveals her personal journey in how she went from a struggling psychotherapist to living the life she’s dreamed of — growing a 7-figure coaching business, traveling around the world and working with clients internationally…

Why should you use storytelling to promote your business?

Because stories are powerful.

Stories evoke an emotional response from us.

No matter what field you’re in, whether you’re a coach, an entrepreneur, an artist, a consultant or a teacher… you need to be telling your story.

Your story is what differentiates you from everyone else in your industry.

And it’s your story that attract the clients who are the ideal fit for you.

So how can you start infusing stories in promoting your business and increasing your visibility?

Here are a few ways:

: Share your client stories (with their permission of course). Tell a story about their own transformation and how you were there to support them and/or provide your expertise.

: Share your stories of lessons you’ve learned. Think of a time you were stumped/overwhelmed/frustrated/struggling and share how you overcame your obstacles.

: Share someone else’s story. This could be something you read from the newspaper, something you watched on television, or something you read from a book. Just make sure you link it back to the message you’re sharing and keep it relevant for your audience.

Once you’ve got a story in mind, decide how you want to tell your story.

While I’m a big fan of using online video as a tool to help with your visibility, you can also share your stories through the following platforms:
: Your blog
: Social media
: Ebooks
: Teleminars/Webinars
: Interviews
: Radio shows/Web shows


Think of a story you can share with your audience that can help bring them insight, advice and/or expertise.

Now choose a platform to tell your story.

Leave a comment below to let me know what you came up with (I’d love to hear about it!)

  • Christie

    Bianca, I’ve been thinking about telling the story behind my first workshop and how listening to someone else’s opinion instead of trusting my own gut almost kept it from happening.

  • Elsa Alexandra

    Great point, and one that every marketeer in this new age of internet businesses ought to follow. Personally, I’ve taken the courage to come out and share my personal story on my blog. My experience in banking, with a pretty messed-up work-life balance led me to study and discover a whole series of wellness and personal effectiveness techniques that I am now happy to share through my own website.

  • Christine

    Hi Bianca, writing a travel blog I have to use my stories to show I know what I am talking about, but I know I can put more of myself there. Working on it! Great post!

  • http://biancafiloteo.com Bianca Filoteo

    Do it, Christie! I’d love to hear/read that story. I think that would be a great one for entrepreneurs, especially those who are just starting out and are overwhelmed with all the biz advice out there.

  • http://biancafiloteo.com Bianca Filoteo

    That journey tells a great story, Elsa! It’s when people hear stories like that, of someone going through a personal transformation…people will feel compelled to connect with you :)

  • http://biancafiloteo.com Bianca Filoteo

    Thanks, Christine! I’ve been enjoying your posts already but I know what you mean. We all can put ourselves a bit more out there and there’s many ways of telling a story ;)

  • emily

    Thanks for sharing this Bianca! I’ve been sharing personal stories of my own and other women’s on my blog and am on the brink of starting to create video which I know is the next level for me. This inspired me even more to get going! Many thanks!

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