Branding With The Stars

Virtual Zoom Call • $333 USD

Could Astrology Actually Help Your Business?

We're not talking about the daily horoscope you find in your local newspaper.

We're talking about looking at the exact placement of the stars and the planets at the exact time you entered the world.

When you look at your personal astrological birth chart, you'll be surprised to discover your strengths, weaknesses, desires and purpose all in one place.

As a lifelong student of astrology, I've discovered that your birth chart actually has some hidden clues of information that you can use to your advantage as an entrepreneur.

Through looking at each birth chart, I've helped entrepreneurs nail their niche, rebrand their business into what really excited them, clarify their message, and develop fresh ideas to market themselves online.

This is why I created Branding With The Stars – a fun & innovative experience that uses astrology to develop marketing and branding strategies that are intuitively aligned with your big vision.

By the end of our time together, you'll no longer think of marketing your business as a chore. You'll also have a renewed sense of excitement, clarity and confidence with your business.

Could Astrology Help You Get Unstuck? 

As an entrepreneur, creativity is your life force.

Creativity allows you to push through boundaries and obstacles, helps you innovate and break new ground, and it also brings abundance in many ways.

When you find your creativity depleted, you find yourself struggling to come up with ideas on marketing and promoting yourself online.

What happens when you often find yourself hitting roadblocks on how to reach your audience or how to stand out in your niche? What if you still can't seem to find your niche?

Once I show you how to use astrology to tap into your creativity, you'll no longer be staring in front of your computer screen, struggling to create content – instead, you'll find yourself typing away on your keyboard, trying to jot down all of your new ideas.

Could Astrology Help You Differentiate Yourself In Your Industry?

Standing out for the sake of standing out doesn't work anymore.

Standing out because you've got something to stand up for does.

You don't need to re-invent the wheel when it comes to marketing your business, but you do need to make sure that you don't end up sounding and looking like every other coach or expert out there.

What you need is refreshing ideas that your audience will resonate with, and you need a message that will inspire your potential clients to take action and hire you.

If you've been at a loss for words on what to say to your audience, or if you've been unclear on what makes you different from the others from your industry, you'll find key themes in your birth chart that can help you gain clarity with your business.

And once you gain clarity, you also gain confidence in yourself – you'll soon find it much easier to market and promote yourself online


Core Birth Chart Readings

Virtual Zoom Call • $122 USD

My custom birth chart readings include the foundations: your Sun sign (personality), your Moon sign (emotional makeup), your Rising sign (the “mask” you wear), your Midheaven (career) and North Node (life purpose). I can also briefly go over career, marketing/branding, money/abundance, wellness, and relationships - you can choose one for me to focus on during our session.

If I happen to find any other strong areas/patterns in your chart, we'll explore that as well. 

You'll receive a snapshot of your birth chart, a personal PDF guide , and a 45-minute video call with me via Zoom video.

You must provide your Date Of Birth details: date, city of birth, and time of birth (as accurate as you can)

Custom Birth Chart Readings

Virtual Zoom Call • $222 USD

We'll go over your foundations (Sun, Moon, Rising, Midheaven, North Node) but we'll explore and dive deep with 1-2 areas of your life you'd like to focus on, and see which important transits to pay attention to (ie Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter in Scorpio, etc.)

How is this different from the Core Birth Chart Reading? The Core covers who you are (think: inner work) and does not cover future astrological transits. Custom readings focus on clarity and direction on your topic of choice and I investigate which planets will affect you most in the near future. (Please note: I don't do fortune-telling!)

You'll receive a snapshot of your birth chart, a personal PDF guide, and a 55-minute video call with me via Zoom video.

You must provide your Date Of Birth details: date, city of birth, and time of birth (as accurate as you can)


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