Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse In Aquarius


Today's Lunar Eclipse is helping you EVOLVE.

The Universe is always sending us messages to help us move towards our highest potential.

If we've hit road bumps along the way, this eclipse could be just what we need to help us to jump a few steps ahead to get things back on track.

<< I posted a video in the Cycle & Flow FB group yesterday to show you what the astrology chart of the eclipse looks like. Check it out here >>

With this Lunar Eclipse, we have Mars (in Retrograde) and the South Node right beside the Moon in Aquarius. 

Mars represents our ambition, our drive, our determination, our aggression, our courage and what we fight for. 

The South Node represents our past lives, our karmic debts, our shadow self, what we've repressed in our subconscious. 

With the Moon (our emotional nature) in such close proximity to Mars and the South Node, some of you may find yourselves feeling a lot of anger, wanting to start a fight, or finding things you've repressed or hidden start to appear into your reality.

This eclipse is here to teach us the act of letting all that sh*t go.

Aquarius is the sign that marches to the beat of his/her own drum. Aquarius doesn't give a sh*t to what anyone thinks or to what the status quo does. This sign values freedom and independence and will make sure they live their life this way.

Channel this Aquarian vibe and stand up for what you heart truly believes in. Aquarius is an Air sign, who can easily detach from feelings. This can be quite handy when it comes to letting go of past baggage.

Remember that feelings are temporary - you can let them go as quickly as you allow yourself to.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) also known as Tapping is my self-care recommendation for this eclipse. (Totally optional. Do what feels best for you!)


🌕Journal prompts for you to reflect on 🌕

☾ Which house does Aquarius rule in your chart? This is an area in your life to pay attention to for this Lunar Eclipse. Tie in the themes of community, hopes, dreams, wishes, individuality, and innovation.
☾ What would you like to celebrate at this time? Don't be modest! Own up to what you've accomplished so far and feel great that you did 🙌
☾ The South Node represents past lives and what we need to move one from in this lifetime. What is it from your past that you need to release and let go of? 
☾ What activities can you do help you wind down and finish up this moon cycle before the next New Moon?

PS. Feel free to share your reflections in the Cycle & Flow Facebook group :)