Lunar Eclipse in Leo

 Photo by  Geran de Klerk  on  Unsplash

On Wednesday January 31, 2018 at 8:27am EST, we have a Lunar Eclipse in Leo, which is also a Super Moon.

Full Moons are when you celebrate what you’ve done for this lunar cycle and you let go of whatever hasn’t been serving you.

With this Eclipse, celebrate what you’ve created over the past six months since the Solar Eclipse in Leo in 2017… What has changed since then? How have you evolved? Celebrate how far you’ve come.

But this also isn’t typical your typical Full Moon - it’s much more potent because of the Eclipse.

Eclipses can signify big changes coming up ahead . Turning points. A much needed shift. A breakdown. A breakthrough.

When the Moon is full, emotions are heightened. Everything is illuminated and made visible to all. If you’ve been hiding or neglecting something, it may rise to the surface during this time. Because of the eclipse, this energy is amplified.

These past couple of days may have already been emotional for you and if it is, it’s essential that you practice self-care!

I’ll be sharing some self-care tips tonight for this Lunar Eclipse in my Cycle & Flow Facebook community. Plus, how to spot which area of your life the eclipse may influence. So oven if your Sun sign isn’t Leo, you have the Leo energy in your birth chart.

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