New Moon in Virgo


Today's New Moon in Virgo (official start time 2:01pm Eastern Time) is helping you REVISE your life.

If you've felt some intense emotions over the past couple of days before this New Moon, you're not alone!

Saturn turning direct tends to make the energy a bit more frenzied.

Remember: Saturn is about restrictions and responsibilities - so if you were trying to avoid certain things, Saturn Direct will make you remember them)

With both the Moon and the Sun (and Mercury) being in Virgo, take advantage of this Virgo Vibe.

Virgo is known to be a perfectionist, a critical thinker, and very meticulous. It's a highly intelligent sign that can see the tiniest details most people overlook.

Use this energy to refine your and edit your life.

Virgo is amazing at cutting out the unnecessary (my Virgo husband is amazing at this!) and its practical ways always leads to efficiency. 

Efficiency and productivity are what Virgos thrive on. They're organizational skills are an advantage when it comes to dealing with chaos.

Take what you learned and absorbed during Leo season and this summer in general, and see how you can refine it all to it's most simplest form.

Some examples of areas in your life where you can apply simplicity and refinement:

  • Your physical health: the foods you consume and what your body is absorbing (what you put IN and ON your body)

  • Your mental health: what books or forms of media do you regularly consume? How do you feel when you look at your social media feed? What types of conversations do you constantly hear from those around you? Take note if they're more positive vibes, or negative vibes

  • Your emotional health: do you have an outlet where you can feel free to feel whatever/however you want? What do you do for self-care? 

  • Your financial health: what needs to be organized or resolved? Are you often going over-budget? Are you often feeling a nudge to switch jobs/careers?

Virgo is an earth sign and earth signs are here to help us manifest in the physical world.

Whatever your intentions are for this moon cycle, Virgo is here to support your manifestation through practical action steps.

🌑Journal prompts for you to reflect on 🌑

☾ Which house does Virgo rule in your chart? This is an area in your life to pay attention to, and you can use it for your intentions & affirmations. Tie in the themes of health, purity, intelligence, wholesomeness, pragmatism and healing.
☾ Is there anything about your health you'd like to upgrade?
☾ Think like an editor: what do you need to cut out or revise in your life? 
☾ This is a potent New Moon for you to set new intentions on something you’d like to see in the next moon cycle and beyond. What are your intentions for the next 6 months? What have you learned from the previous cycle (the last 4 weeks) and what would you do differently this time around?

PS. Feel free to share your reflections in the Cycle & Flow Facebook group :)