Letting Go of Past Mistakes

Photo by  Brooke Cagle  on  Unsplash

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash


Do we really need to think about all those times we messed up, trying to figure out what our REAL problem is? 

Is it necessary for our health and overall growth as a human being to know our "faults" and weaknesses, or what's really "wrong" with us?

As a personal development junkie, I used think so.

But as I explore the topic of self-healing, self-forgiveness and creating the life we want for ourselves... I've learned that we're actually jeopardizing ourselves when we think too much about our past mistakes and failures.

What we focus on expands.

So if we continue to focus on what went wrong, why we were wrong, etc., well guess what? We're going to continue those patters and habits that haven't been serving us.

I'm not saying we should blindly avoid where we went wrong.

I'm saying we shouldn't dwell on it and stay in that state of mind for too long.

Acknowledging our mistakes is great for our self-growth. We need to be self-aware.

But once we do get that AHA moment of "OH, that's where/how I fucked up..."... the next step is to think about SOLUTIONS MOVING FORWARD.

Do NOT press rewind and do a playback of the mess that happened in the past. It not only makes you feel shittier about yourself - it also keeps you in a never-ending cycle of criticism, shame, guilt and judgement.

And NOBODY wants to feel those things. Nobody.

But our ego is so fucking clever and wants us to stay safe. So it convinces us to relive the pain by staying in this cycle of painful flashbacks.

The best solutions won't arise from a state of negativity. They come from a state of feeling expansion. And possibility.