Why I Think "Balance" Exists


"There's no such thing as balance"

I hear this phrase all. the. freakin. time.

And for a long time, I actually believed it.

But one thing I learned from my #2016YearOfYoga project is that balance is all around us.

Balancing on two feet.
Balancing on one foot.
Balancing in plank position.
Balancing while riding a bike.
Balancing the tasks we have during the work day.
Balancing the tasks we have at home.

We are designed and programmed to find and attain balance.

Remember the time you ate too much sugar, or had too much alcohol?

What did you do to stop feeling like crap?

You took a break from all that beer (or cookies or fries or whatever else you binged on).

That was, you, applying balance in your life.

Balance starts WITHIN... it starts with YOU.

It means being in tune with what you want and how you feel.

What does balance look like to YOU? What does it feel like to YOU?

Is your idea of balance someone else's definition? Are you following someone else's ideals and goals? 

I know I did.

I remember looking up to certain artists and entrepreneurs and telling myself that the way to live a life of balanced success was doing what THEY did.

What I realized was that I was trying to mold my lifestyle to look like theirs, instead of molding it to something of my own.

I was seeking balance based on their definition of success, not my own.

This probably explains why I believed there was no such thing as balance.

But once you actually start paying attention — being in the present moment — you'll actually notice that balance is all around us.

If you feel an imbalance in your body, figure out a way to... calm yourself, stay warm, etc.

If you feel an imbalance with your emotions and feel like everything is bottled up inside you, move your body and do something physical.

If you feel an imbalance in your schedule, choose one area to focus on and see how you can lessen or add to that area to find balance.

If you feel an imbalance in your relationship, what's one simple gesture you can do for yourself (or to someone else) that can help you get closer to balance?

What's happening to you internally will reflect externally in your day-to-day life.

If you don't feel a sense of balance within yourself, you probably won't feel that sense of balance externally either (with your job, with your relationships, with your body, with your health, etc.)

It all comes down to your energy and how you're feeling.

If your overall energy is low and the feelings you experience throughout the day are low — there's an imbalance.

There is such a thing as balance.

Believe in it, define it, then do what you can to move closer to it.

It's a simple formula - but it's far from easy.